My artwork consists of drawing, painting, and jewelry silversmithing.  I enjoy painting landscapes, ranch scenes, and wildlife primarily in oils or acrylics.  I prefer to paint in realism because, for me, the real challenge is to portray the subject in its natural habitat in a way that it appears living rather than stiff and flat.  I enjoy the effort it takes to capture, with pencil or brush, the tension in an animal’s muscles as it is preparing to spring into action, or just the right glint of light in an eye that conveys either a soft, relaxed state or a sharp alertness.


Creating pieces of jewelry is a three-dimensional expression of my art.  I sincerely enjoy making wearable works of art in precious metals and stone.  I tend to work somewhat more loosely and creatively on some of my jewelry work.  Something about the shine and texture of the metal and the colors of the stones demands experimentation in design to go beyond creating ordinary or typical pieces.


Growing up in the northwest, I developed a special fondness and appreciation for nature scenes and wildlife.  When I look at a stream, trees, wildlife, rock formations, or even the moss growing on a rock, I see so many abstracted shapes, forms, and tremendous variations of colors and textures.  While walking along a forest path, it is amazing to me that a different, exciting view presents itself at every turn.  I am fascinated by and thankful for every detail.  I consider my artwork to be a celebration of creation, not necessarily a mirror-image imitation.  I believe that creating works of art depicting nature gives me the opportunity to learn my craft from God, the Master Artist.  Leonardo DaVinci said, "The most praiseworthy form of painting is the one that most resembles what it imitates."